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Assessing the ethical, legal, social, and policy implications of voluntary workplace genomic testing
Genetic and genomic testing services, or voluntary workplace genomic testing (wGT), are being offered to employees as part of some employers’ workplace wellness programs. These testing services vary in their offering from nutrigenetic and ancestry testing to cancer and cardiac disease susceptibility testing. wGT has both benefits and risks that must be weighed to truly understand the impact wGT may have on employees. We are exploring the perspectives of multiple stakeholders, including employers, vendors that offer wGT, and employees. We’ve included a range of stakeholders in order to create a more detailed, holistic picture of views on wGT and to assess the ethical, legal, social, and policy implications of wGT.
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INSIGHT @ Work Team Awarded Supplemental Funding
The INSIGHT @ Work Team was awarded further NHGRI funding (Genetic Counselors and Workplace Genomic Testing; 3R01HG010679-03S1) to ascertain experiences of genetic counselors who have discussed voluntary workplace genetic testing results with individuals and further describe genetic counselors’ views, perceptions and knowledge related to voluntary workplace genetic testing.

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Our perspective article on voluntary workplace genomic testing was published in npj Genomic Medicine
We discuss historical perspectives of workplace genomic testing, workplace wellness programs, and the current legal landscape

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